OK, so, just as you think you “know” what’s what on the Web, someone blindsides you with a Web service you never heard about!  In this case, its the Meetup.com site where people go online in order to meet offline.  Sounds crazy bit it works.  Over 40 000 meetup groups – everything from metaphysics to sewing clubs.  There are even people who “meetup” to do scrapbooking! (Someone’s gonna have to explain that one to me!

It can help you find people in your area who enjoy the same hobbies as you like…Vegan BBQ and making replica log homes our of toilet paper rolls. Seriously, this is a tremendous resource.  I have already found two groups in my area I want to join, The Ottawa Chinese Language & Culture Meetup Group and The Ottawa Social Media Meetup Group

Can’t wait to meet those guys and gals in person!

See you soon…offline!