So, we all know that the modern man is not only at ease in the kitchen, he is a budding master chef able to dazzle his guests with his culinary concoctions.


As a self-styled renaissance man, I had my mother and sister over for Thanks giving and cooked a medium sized turkey.  I brined and I basted using the best advice I could find on the internet.  The result? A golden brown bird, the meat tender and juicy, that was greatly enjoyed by all.  Unfortunately, not enjoyed enough to save me for a week’s worth ot turkey sandwiches for lunch.


“Surely there is a better way” the modern man in me cried out.  So back to the Web I went and found a collection of recipes I classed under What the heck to do with a hundred pounds of leftover turkey.


For you other modern men out there (and your modern wifes/girlfriends) I offer you some of the best on the ‘net:


First stop, Leftover Turkey Recipes from provides a good starting point with a variety of turkey recipies for every taste.


Next stop on the turkey leftover express, The Best Turkey Leftover Recipes on the Planet Earth!! (really) offers up some tasty and family tested (really!) recipes with some interesting choices (try the fruit and turkey salad).


Next stop, Too Many Chefs offers this recipe for a Creamy, colourful, fragrant (spicy!) turkey curry that I can’t wait to try out.


Tulsa World is also offering up some sumptuous suggestion with its 15 things to do with leftover turkey.


If you want to see what other budding chefs are doing with their turkey leftovers, head on to for their selection of the most popular post-thanksgiving-turkey-recipes.


So, you’ve gone through all of the recipes above and still have a garbage bag full of turkey leftovers and your family if threatening to sue if they even see something that could be mistaken for turkey in their plate?  Then head on to for their Top Ten Things To Do With Leftover Turkey.


Enjoy, and bookmark this page for next year – you’re gonna need it!




OK, so, just as you think you “know” what’s what on the Web, someone blindsides you with a Web service you never heard about!  In this case, its the site where people go online in order to meet offline.  Sounds crazy bit it works.  Over 40 000 meetup groups – everything from metaphysics to sewing clubs.  There are even people who “meetup” to do scrapbooking! (Someone’s gonna have to explain that one to me!

It can help you find people in your area who enjoy the same hobbies as you like…Vegan BBQ and making replica log homes our of toilet paper rolls. Seriously, this is a tremendous resource.  I have already found two groups in my area I want to join, The Ottawa Chinese Language & Culture Meetup Group and The Ottawa Social Media Meetup Group

Can’t wait to meet those guys and gals in person!

See you soon…offline!



During the actual Renaissance, men who were educated aspired to become Renaissance men. They were expected to know several languages, understand philosophy and science, appreciate and produce literature and art, and on top of this, to be athletic.

Today, a new “Universal Man” or polymath is emerging.  In the rapidly evolving context of business, jobs, and social arena, he is a man who works, has a small business, blogs, raises children, cooks and clean, travels, and surfs the web on his portable device.  Versatility is the key to prospering in the new world and the modern polymath has a variety of weapons in his arsenal to not only survive but thrive!  He lives the life that he has designed for himself.  This is his ultimate goal – to live the life worth living.